Art Fair Plant Sale

Art Fair Plant Sale
Salem’s Bush’s Pasture Park
(near Bush House)

“Cool plants in the heat of summer”


July 21, 22 & 23
Fri & Sat: 10 – 7   Sun: 10 – 5

No admission. Easy pick-up by car.
Visa & MC accepted

Mid-July is a wonderful time of year to add that extra spark of color or texture to your garden or deck and, in the process, support much-needed enhancements in our fabulous Bush’s Pasture Park.


  • Van Hevelingen Herb Nursery – largest selection of herbs known to mankind, well almost
  • White Oak Farm – great perennials for sun including huge lilies
  • Dancing Oaks Nursery – wide selection of hard to find perennials and shrubs personally collected from around the world
  • Garden Thyme Nursery – terrific perennials for sun and shade, particularly somewhat old-fashioned varieties
  • Arbutus Garden Art – gorgeous Japanese maples and dwarf conifers
  • Wild Ginger Farm – wonderful collection of plants for alpine situations, drought conditions and mostly full sun
  • Out in the Garden Nursery – great collection of  perennials for sun and shade, including grasses
  • Gossler Farms – sought after, hard to find perennials and shrubs for sun and shade
  • Perennial Obsessions Nursery – wonderful selection of sedums and sempervivums for full sun
  • Egan Gardens – great greenhouse growers producing garden color throughout the season (annuals and perennials)

See you in the Summertime!


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