Plant Sales

The philosophy behind each of our plant sales is to provide well-grown, unusual plants in support of local growers at reasonable prices.  AND oh, by the way, it’s a fundraiser.

Two yearly plant sales are our main source of income. These sales occur during mid to late April and the third full weekend in July (Salem Art Fair and Festival).

The following volunteer positions are needed:

  • Structural Woodworkers
  • Plant Sale 
    (Gretchen – Plant Sale Manager)
  • Poster Distribution Team
  • Plant Pulling Team
    “Pulling” and pricing plants prior to sale.
  • Plant Sale Coordinator1
    (Structural set-up & take-down)
  • Structural Set-Up Crew
    (Pick-up trucks needed)
  • Structural Take-Down Crew
  • Plant Sale Coordinator 2  
    Helping order and reorder plants


  • Sign Maker
    Improve signage to help sell plants
  • Plant Sale Attendants
  • Cashier & Cashier Assistant
  • Holding Area
    Receives, safeguards, and delivers plants
  • Customer Service
    Greets the public and acquaints them with
    the layout and details of the plant sale
  • Plant Sale Security Team
    Provides security presence in the evening and early morning hours (Spring Plant Sale only)


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